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Work Procedure

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Elementary and Secondary schools

Canada has been rated as one of the safest countries in the world many times, and it is also a country strictly regulated by law. Canada has simple politics and stable development. It is more like an indisputable pure land. It is obviously more suitable for people’s lives and has a higher safety index.

Canada’s education system is known as one of the best in the world. Choosing to study in Canada is a brand-new educational concept. Canada is one of the G8 countries (the eight largest industrial countries), and a large amount of funds is invested in education every year. Canada’s diploma is recognized all over the world. Not only can you apply to prestigious schools around the world with your high school diploma, but you can also use your university diploma for further studies.

Our licensed consultants provide you with the most suitable and considerate consulting services. Many years of service experience tell us: Elementary and Secondary international students face many challenges during the initial period of language and adapting to the new environment. Parents worry about their children who are away from home to study. The services we provide for minor international students: choose the right school for you — apply for a student visa — arrange for a guardian — arrange for a host family — arrange for airport pick-up and other services. It is our commitment to every customer to help elementary and secondary international students to pass the most challenging first academic year smoothly, and to allow parents to work with peace of mind in their countries.

Colleges and Universities

Most Canadian post-secondary schools are public, so the quality of education is highly retained. All public schools are under the responsibility of the provinces, implementing the same standard curriculum, and other special courses will be added depending on the school.

According to your expertise and hobbies, our experienced consultants will help you choose the right school and major for you. For the language and life adaptation period of the first academic year, we will give you special care.

After Graduation

As an immigration country, Canada has one of the best immigration policies for international students in the world. The reason is that Canada’s aging population is a big challenge and the government aims to attract high-educated young people from all over the world. Our experienced immigration consultants provide planning and arrangements for your immigration needs after graduation.


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