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There are many kinds of work permit.  All foreign nationals who wish to work in Canada need authorization prior to working legally. Applicants must first obtain a work contract from a Canadian employer before they can apply for a work permit.  At the same time, under certain circumstances, spouse can apply for an open work permit.

Some work visa involves many departments requiring complicated procedures and requires accurate professional guidance. Our experienced immigration consultants can provide you with best solutions that suits your individual circumstances.

International Students

“Can you work with or without a work permit?”

We provide you with professional advise that is unique to your situation, so that to avoid potential issues that can negatively affect your stay and/or future immigration journey. 

Post-graduation Work Permit

As the name suggests, after studying at an accredited education institution in Canada (a course of more than 8 months), international students are eligible to apply for a graduation work permit. For the same period, a spouse can also apply for an open work permit.


Employer-Sponsored Work VISA

An employer must obtain approval letter after a positive Labor Market Impact Assessment, to hire a foreign national on a temporary basis when a permanent resident or a Canadian Citizen is not available to fill the position.  The Canadian employer makes the job offer and the foreign national applies for a work permit based on the approval letter given to the employer by the government.  For the duration of the Work Permit, the spouse or partner of the foreign worker can also apply for an open work permit. Children may receive free education in Canadian public schools.

Entrepreneurship Work Permit for Work VISA

Application Requirement 

– Must meet a certain level of official language requirement of Canada (English or French).

– Willing to establish a new company in Canada or buy shares in an existing company

– Have a certain amount of business experience and expertise. (It is also suitable for entrepreneurial immigration after graduation from international students in Canada).

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