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P-1 Athletes Artists Entertainers Visa

P-1 Athletes Artists Entertainers Visa

The P-1 visa is a non-immigrant visa without quota restrictions, established in the Immigration Act of 1990. This visa is mainly intended for internationally recognized athletes or sports groups, performing arts groups, and famous circuses. It allows individuals and groups that meet the requirements to go to the United States to engage in sports, performing arts, and cultural exchange activities. P-1 visas are mainly issued to internationally renowned athletes or sports groups, internationally renowned performing arts groups, and famous circuses.

​Application Conditions

When an athlete or sports group applies for a P-1 visa, they must meet one of the following conditions to be considered of international repute:

1. Participated in important sports activities with major American sports groups;
2. Participated in international competitions with a certain national team;
3. Participated in important campus games with American university sports teams;
4. Obtain written materials from officials or sports organizers of major sports groups in the United States to prove that they have international reputation;
5. Prove international standards;
6. Get rewards at important sporting events.

When internationally renowned performing arts groups and their members apply for P-1 visas, they need to meet one of the following conditions:

1. Regular and normal performance activities for at least one year;
2. The fixed formal employment period must be at least 1 year;
3. The performance group has received important international awards or nominations, or meets at least three of the following conditions:

- The group's ongoing or upcoming performances as protagonists or subjects are of great significance or reflect a major event;
- Reviews of publications in which the group has achieved international recognition or international reputation;
- The performance activities that the group is currently performing or about to perform as the protagonist or main body are hosted or hosted by well-known organizations;
- The group is successful due to high box office sales or high ratings;
- This group is a performance group that receives higher salaries compared to other groups in the same industry.

When applying for a P-1 visa in the United States, the famous circus must meet the following conditions:

1. It is a nationally famous circus in a country;
2. Its members are not restricted by the performance time limit of one year;
3. Foreign performing arts groups need to obtain international recognition or international reputation, but this requirement may be exempted if the group is a nationally famous performing arts group in the country and its international recognition or international reputation is weakened by the following factors:
   - Limited access to international media;
   - Have objective difficulties in contact or communication with similar international groups or industries;
   - Restricted by geographical location;
   - Other reasonable reasons.


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