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F-1/M-1 student visa

F-1/M-1 student visa

The U.S. government sincerely welcomes foreign citizens to study in the United States. Applicants must first be admitted to a school or program in the United States before they can apply for a student visa. Once admitted, U.S. educational institutions provide each applicant with the approval documents needed to apply for a student visa. The F-1 visa is the most common type of student visa. If you wish to study at a school recognized by the U.S. government (including an accredited U.S. university or college, a private high school, an approved English language learning program, etc.), you should apply for an F-1 visa. In addition, if you study courses for more than 18 hours per week, you should also apply for an F-1 visa. The M-1 visa is for applicants who wish to study or train at a non-academic or vocational educational institution in the United States.

​Application Conditions

1. Applicants for student visas must have successfully completed the corresponding studies and met the admission requirements. Except for students who are participating in English language training or whose school has arranged English courses, applicants for student visas must have sufficient English language skills to complete their studies.

2. Applicants for student visas must prove that they have reliable financial resources to pay for their studies in the United States. In particular, applicants must demonstrate that they have sufficient funds to pay for the first year of study and living expenses, and that there will be sufficient funds to pay for each subsequent year.

3. M-1 student visa applicants must prove that they can immediately pay all tuition and living expenses during their stay in the United States.

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