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​EB-1A Outstanding Talent

​EB-1A Outstanding Talent

The U.S. EB-1A outstanding talent immigrant is the first priority category of employment-based immigration stipulated in the U.S. immigration law. This category accounts for 28.6% of the total global immigrant visa quota for employment-based immigrants in the United States each year, which is approximately 40,000 immigrant visas. EB-1A is suitable for foreign talents with outstanding abilities in the fields of science, art, education, business, or sports. According to federal immigration law, applicants do not need to have a specific employer, and there are no restrictions on English proficiency, academic qualifications, age, etc., so they are increasingly favored by outstanding Chinese talents.

​Application Conditions

No language, no academic qualifications, no business background requirements, no mandatory residence requirements, no waiting list, as long as the applicant has proof of the legal source of the investment amount.

  • National or International Awards: The applicant has received a national award (not necessarily from the United States) or an international award that is less than an internationally recognized award to demonstrate outstanding achievement in his or her field.

  • Membership in an Invited Professional Association: Applicants must hold membership in a professional association that is recognized by national or international experts in the field for outstanding achievements.

  • Media reports: Professional journals and major business publications, or reports about the applicant and his related work have been published in major media, or important media have reported on the applicant and the applicant’s achievements in the field of expertise (publications) Articles must include title, date, author and should be translated if necessary).

  • Review and Appraisal: In his or her field, one has served as a reviewer as an individual or as a committee member to review and appraise the works of others in his or her professional field or other related fields.

  • Original and important contributions: In the fields of science, education, art, sports, business, etc., you have made original and important contributions.

  • Academic articles: professional works published in domestic and international journals or other important media in the relevant professional field, such as academic papers, books, academic articles, etc.

  • Leadership role/key role: holding the main leadership or other important positions in work organizations, important professional organizations, and groups.

  • Exhibition or display: Hold an exhibition of works or other display activities at a national level or at an art exhibition or other venue with a high reputation or great influence.

  • High salary: In the relevant field, the applicant's salary, remuneration, or benefits are much higher than those of other peers.

  • Commercial success: Commercial success in performance and art, reflected in box office receipts, sales of films, audio tapes, video tapes, DVDs, etc.

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