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O-1 Outstanding Ability Work Visa

O-1 Outstanding Ability Work Visa

The O-1 visa is a visa issued to people with outstanding talents in the fields of science, art, education, business, or sports to work in the United States. This visa has no quota restrictions and is a new visa created by the 1990 Immigration Act. The O-1 visa largely classifies the H-1B professional work visa. The H-1B visa focuses on the applicant’s expertise in the industry, while the O-1 visa focuses on the applicant’s achievements in the industry. However, the O-1 visa is quite restrictive in terms of scope and requirements. Not only must the applicant possess outstanding talents, but his or her U.S. employer must also be able to provide work commensurate with his or her talents.

​Application Conditions

1. Applicants must demonstrate sustained domestic or international reputation and come to the United States to engage in temporary employment in an outstanding field.

2. Outstanding ability in the fields of science, education, business, and sports refers to reaching a high professional level, proving that the applicant is one of the top few in the field.

3. Outstanding talent in the field of art refers to excellence. Excellence is reflected in high attainments in the field of art, and is reflected in skills and recognition that are higher than the ordinary level.

4. To prove outstanding talent in the field of film and television, applicants must prove that their attainments are above the ordinary level in that field.

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